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Originally supposed to be just for me to post my left- and right- handed sketches, but has since has become more of a collection of my tastes.

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hello, welcome to MMORPG!

ah, i see you want to play as a MANTIS!

are you a BOY MANTIS




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nature is beautiful

is that a croissant

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She’ll be in my village, one day.

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i love the word “tastebuds” it’s like your mouth is full of little buddies that taste a thing before you eat it to make sure that it’s good

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Have you ever considered creating a deck of tarot cards?
ambidexterous ambidexterous Said:



It is tempting, but we have a strict non-association policy with all religions.

Thank you for the collection of interesting notes regarding this. We are still (at this time) not planning on creating a deck, but a lot of intriguing commentary stemmed from our comment about religion(s) and lack therein.

To collectively answer and expand:

We have a strict policy against delving into religions (hold your horses before you comment again), political leanings of any kind, fraternities and sororities we do not belong to, cultures we do not have intimate and firsthand knowledge of… etc.

There are symbols, talismans, icons, totems, relics, etc. that are an integral part of specific religions — core objects of power, structure, belief — via tradition of the core group because it was developed during the development of said religion.

There are other items that have become tied to a plethora of belief systems and structures, but do not “belong” to any one in particular. In some contexts they are religions talismans, while in others they are purely secular.

We feel tarot decks belong to the latter.

We do not have anyone on staff who could withstand a fire-test on the appropriate design, creation, manufacture, packaging, distribution, and customer inquiries for them in the full context in which they exist in the world. We will not create anything we cannot answer to.

"But tarot decks aren’t religious" (a common comment)

In our experience, there are times when they are. To some folk, to some experiences, they are. Your direct experiences will vary, and we respect that.

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25+ year old “anti-sjw” people are the fucking creepiest they’re like “teenagers trying to be kinder and less oppressive towards each other??? not on MY watch, i’m going to harass someone much younger than me because i’m an adult and this is the REAL WORLD” 


sign this right now

the goal of the non-binary petition is flawed, this one is much more realistic and has a serious concrete goal that will help people definitely more than harm them (which the nb petition has the possibility of doing) 

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I’ve never had so many notes on a selfie. 

How could you not? gorgeous!

uuuugh all these cute ladies on my dash!

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Thank you for starting the debate…

Cadbury replies to the Snickers ad (x)

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